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fried onion product

1. Pink Fresh Fried Onion
2. White Fresh Fried Onion
3. Pink Coated Fried Onion
4. White Coated Fried Onion
5. Pink Dehydrated Fried Onion
6. White Dehydrated Fried Onion
7. Fried Onion Powder

dehydrated white onion products

1. White Onion Flakes
2. White Onion Minced
3. White Onion Chopped
4. White Onion Granules
5. White Onion Powder

dehydrated red onion products

1. Red Onion Flakes
2. Red Onion Minced
3. Red Onion Chopped
4. Red Onion Granules
5. Red Onion Powder

dehydrated pink onion products

1.Pink Onion Flakes
2.Pink Onion Minced
3.Pink Onion Chopped
4.Pink Onion Granules
5.Pink Onion Powder

dehydrated garlic product

1.Garlic Minced
2.Garlic Chopped
3.Garlic Granules
4.Garlic Powder
6. garlic flaks

toasted products

1.Dark Toasted Onion
2. Light Toasted Onion Kibble
3.Toasted Onion Powder
4.Toasted Onion Chopped
5.Toasted Onion Minced
6.Toasted Onion Granules

dehydrated vegetable products

1.Ginger Flakes
2.Tomato Flakes
3.Carrot Flakes
4.Beet Flakes
5.Potato Flakes

fresh vegetables

1.Fresh Onion
2.Fresh Garlic
3.Fresh Potato
4.Sweet Potato
5.Fresh Carrot
6.Fresh Cabbage

peanuts butter

1.raw peanuts
1.roasted peanuts

oil cakes

1.Groundnut Oil Cake
2.Soya Oil Cake
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